The Jow Ga Shaolin Institute promotes the study of authentic Chinese martial arts for health, fitness, emotional well-being and self-defense. We offer training to anyone interested, provided they have good moral character and a sincere desire to learn.

At first glance, martial arts may appear to be an intense regimen of training intended for individuals in superb physical condition. However, one of our most important objectives is to provide tailored instructions to meet the interest and ability of individual students. Students, whether beginner or advanced, can improve their mental and physical health through systematic training under certified instructors with decades of experience in traditional martial arts. Instructors guide students in adjusting their training to the level of vigor and intensity for optimum results.

The Institute teaches two primary Kung Fu styles: Jow Ga Kuen (周家拳) and Shaolin Mizong Quan (少林秘宗拳). Jow Ga, which originated in southern China, is a hybrid system that includes some of the most practical and effective techniques from both Northern and Southern Shaolin styles. Shaolin Mizong, a major system from northern China, combines “external” techniques from Northern Shaolin with “internal” techniques from Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua.

Students have ample opportunity to learn self‐defense applications, barehanded techniques and traditional weapon. Intermediate and advanced students will also learn other Chinese martial systems, including the Cha Quan (查拳), a well‐known Northern Shaolin style, as well as the rare routines of Qingping sword form (青萍劍).

In Tai Chi class, we provide comprehensive instruction in Yang Style Tai Chi (楊式太極拳), from basic skills to advanced weapons and partner training. The Yang Style Tai Chi is characterized by slow, graceful, flowing movements. It is the most popular style of Tai Chi and it is practiced throughout the world by those seeking a low-impact exercise for enhancing mental acuity, flexibility, balance, and physical well-being.

The Institute teaches Qigong (氣功) as a part of our Tai Chi program. Students learn how to harness Qi (vital energy) using physical movement, body postures, breathing techniques, and mental focus. Our Qigong style, called “Taijigong – the Art of Internal Power,” leads to the unity of body, mind and spirit.

Thanks to all those who helped make this past Lunar New Year’s a roaring success!

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