The Jow Ga Shaolin Institute has classes six days a week in traditional styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. We also offer kids classes (Small Tigers) for ages 6-11.

Small Tigers: Kung Fu classes for ages 5-9
Junior Kung Fu: Kung Fu classes for ages 10-15
Kung Fu: Kung Fu classes for ages 15+
Tai Chi: Tai Chi classes for all ages and levels

Kung Fu Program

The Institute offers a comprehensive, well-structured program of instruction in classical Chinese martial arts. Classes include stretching and conditioning exercises, traditional Kung Fu forms (prearranged routines) and self-defense applications. Using a combination of modern and traditional teaching methods, certified instructors carefully guide students through a progressive series of skill levels. Each level is specifically designed to serve as building blocks for advancement to the next, allowing students to acquire, refine and apply new skills at their own pace and according to their own capabilities. A typical training session includes some or all of the following:

  • Warm-Ups, Stretching and Physical Conditioning
  • Hand and Leg Technique Drills & Stance Training
  • Forms Training
  • Sparring & Self Defense Applications

For continuous progress, students are urged to participate in at least two training sessions per week, and to practice consistently outside their regular classes. To ensure that all participants enjoy the benefits of proper training, during each class session instructor(s) will pay special attention to a selected number of trainees. This will be done on rotational basis so that the progress of every individual is constantly reviewed and critiqued.

At the Beginner Level, students literally start from the ground up building a solid foundation of strong stances, stable footwork, and accurate punches and kicks. They practice stances (horse, bow, cat, cross and crouch) and footwork (advancing, retreating, jumping, sweeping, turning, and side stepping). The students start officially as Beginner Level Kung Fu students by receiving their Yellow Sash. Each level from Beginner through Advanced will have at least one weapons form. For example, at the Beginner Level students learn forms containing a variety of signature techniques and movements that make each style unique. They also learn how to use basic weapons as an extension of their bodies. First they do Jow Ga (周家) Flower Fist, a form that contains many fundamental yet practical fighting techniques. Next they do Double Headed Staff, followed by Mizong (秘宗) Lian Shou Quan, and finally Jow Ga Tiger Tail Broadsword.

Students who progress to the Intermediate Level (Red Sash) have the chance to add six more classic Jow Ga and Shaolin Mizong forms to their repertoire: Shaolin Mizong Cha Quan, Jow Ga Plum Blossom Spear, Jow Ga Subduing Small Tiger, Shaolin Mizong Four Gates Broadsword, Shaolin Mizon Che Quan Shi, and Jow Ga Chai Jong. These forms contain a wealth of offensive and defensive techniques that, when executed well, are extremely graceful and highly effective.

Once students reach the Advanced Level, they are prepared to learn more complex Jow Ga and Shaolin Mizong empty hand, weapons forms, and fighting sets as well as those from other traditional Chinese styles. Moreover, they will have developed the ability not only to demonstrate the forms with a high degree of proficiency, but also be able to help guide more junior students. At the completion of Advanced Level, students will have learned the key empty hand, weapons in Jow Ga and/or Shaolin Mizong. Advanced students are encouraged to round out their skills by learning forms appropriate to their ability and individual interests within the optional program. There are empty hand and weapons forms from Jow Ga, Shaolin Mizong and the Cha Systems. Cha is a major Northern Shaolin style and is well known for its weapons forms. It was developed by the Hui of Northern China, a minority group of Muslim origin highly respected for their fighting prowess. By the time they reach Instructor level training, students will have developed the skills, knowledge, and experience to teach independently or open their own schools.

Throughout the program, from Beginner through Advanced to Instructor levels, students learn not only Kung Fu theory and technique, but also how they should be applied. This includes self-defense exercises, partner training, two-person bare hand and weapon sets, and sparring. Techniques are drilled repeatedly one at a time and in combination until they become habit.
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Kids Kung Fu Program

The children’s program (known as Small Tigers) at the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute has been designed to build on basic stances and kicks so that more complex combinations of techniques can be done as they progress. At the Introductory Level the student’s progress is acknowledged by the color of their sash that they earn through semi-formal tests. This will indicate the milestones reached so that the children will be given positive feedback as they work on and advance in the program. Children will also be taught about Chinese culture, Lion Dance and the history of the Jow Ga and Shaolin Mizong styles. Discipline and self confidence will come from the training given in classes which will challenge the children’s physical and mental abilities to develop strong moral character for the real life challenges ahead of them. We have Sifus and senior students as instructors to help in training of students. Once a year the school hosts an intramural tournaments for Jow Ga Shaolin Institute children. The participants would have the chance to be awarded medals and certificates for displaying their skill and knowledge. Children are usually ready to begin classes around age 5. Once children are 12 or older, they are transitioned as they are ready into the regular Kung Fu classes along with adults. Children who complete the Introductory Program may be also allowed to participate in regular Kung Fu classes.

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Yang Style Tai Chi Program

Our Yang Style Tai Chi program offers comprehensive instruction at the introductory through instructor levels. Training is available in Tai Chi Basic Movements, Tai Chi Theory & Principles, Qigong (energy work), empty hand and weapons forms, and applications for fitness, health and self-defense. Our program consists of the following levels of instruction:

Beginner Level
  • 24 Step Beijing Yang Style Short Form
  • 32 Step Tai Chi Yang Style Straight Sword
  • Push Hands (Simple single hand & two hand fixed step)
  • Theory: Tai Chi principles for correct forms practice
Intermediate Level
  • 108 Step Tai Chi Long Form
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Saber
  • Push Hands (Complex double-arm fixed step)
  • Theory: Tai Chi principles for push hands practice
Advanced Level
  • Tai Chi Sword, Long Form (Lu Zhen Duo Lineage 13 Postures)
  • Tai Chi Two-Person Fighting Set
  • Push Hands (Yang Style Complex Double Moving Step)
  • Knowledge: Yin & Yang Theory for Self-Defense Applications
Instructor Level
  • Tai Chi Fan or other Tai Chi Weapons Forms
  • Yanqing Long Form (Advanced Qigong from the Shaolin Mizong system)
  • Push Hands (Free Style)
  • Knowledge: Tai Chi theory and applications for Daily Living

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