The following is an excerpt from an article by Master Reza Momenan in the October 1987 issue of a newsletter of the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association, in honor and memory of Master Dean Chin.

Master Dean Chin (whose full Chinese name was Chan Yuk Jeun 陳沃進) took up martial arts at the early age of seven. His first instructors were his uncles who taught him the White Eyebrow, White Crane and Hung-Ga systems of Kung Fu. At age nine,  he joined the Jow Ga system. Four years later, he became a member of the Eagle Claw system. The “King of Eagles”, SiFu Fu Liu, taught him Northern Shaolin and Eagle boxing forms. Besides being a master of these Kung Fu methods, SiFu Chin excelled in grappling and dim-mark (striking at pulse points). It is not surprising then that at the age of fourteen, he lent his assistance to the Jow Ga system and began teaching. From this period on, in the course of his teaching, he met many other Kung Fu masters and learned much from them while exchanging system techniques. Among some of these systems were Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut, Jow Ga Praying Mantis and Thai boxing.

Master Chin was well-liked by his many instructors because of his superior qualifications and extensive knowledge of the profession. As a result, they freely imparted to him their best techniques as well as their system secrets. With so many years of study and practical experience in the martial arts, he could have easily developed his own Kung Fu system. However, he preferred to remain with Jow Ga because he felt that it had the most potential in that it combines the best of the Northern and the Southern Shaolin schools.

After immigrating to the United States in 1966, Master Chin began forming his Kung Fu schools in 1968; in 1972, he established the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association. SiFu Chin was the Overseas Coach for the Jow-Biu branch of the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association; Eastern United States Representative of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association; member and qualified SiFu of Liu Fat Man’s (King of the Eagles) Faan Tzi Eagle Claw School (a Northern Shaolin system); Advisor for the Presidential Cup (held annually in Taiwan — the world’s largest Kung Fu tournament); and Vice-Chairman of the Eastern United States Kung Fu Federation.

Unfortunately Master Dean Chin died on August 10, 1985, at the age of 38. He left his disciples and students stunned with grief as Master Chin was very close to them. While everybody respected him for his abilities and knowledge of Kung Fu, he never allowed his superiority to build a wall between him and his students. SiFu Dean Chin, as his credentials show, was very open minded about other styles. He sought to learn or understand those aspects that he felt to be useful to the Jow Ga system. While he was progressive in outlook, however, he led the school and his students in a very traditional manner. Master Dean Chin is greatly missed by all of his students.